Sunday, January 25, 2015

Strict Washington State Laws Help a Kent DUI Attorney Perform her Duties

Washington State drunk driving laws are some of the harshest in the country, something a diligent Kent DUI attorney like the law offices of Kim E. Hunter would welcome. Lawmakers have been steadily stiffening penalties for driving under the influence for more than a decade now. Seattle Times correspondent Brian Rosenthal discusses how state legislation is slowly but surely bringing down the number of DUI incidents.

Friday, January 23, 2015

How a Tacoma DUI Attorney Makes a Difference in Drunk Driving Charges

The holidays have come and gone, but don’t count on law enforcement agencies being more lax about drunk driving. Over the recent celebrations where there was alcohol aplenty, there were naturally more checkpoints and more patrolmen on the lookout for intoxicated drivers. However, that doesn’t mean they get any less stringent once the most festive time of the year is over. This means you have to be cautious and avoid drinking if you’re planning on driving (and vice versa). The consequences of a drunk driving offense can be quite costly – not only in terms of money.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Federal Way DUI Attorney Protects You from Severe Penalties of DUI

Being convicted of DUI can lead to negative consequences. For instance, Washington locals with a DUI conviction can expect to pay about $466.80 annually for insurance. This means they will owe about $2,334 of increases in five years’ time. Sadly, increased insurance premiums are not the only adverse effects of a DUI conviction. These people can also face severe penalties under state laws. As such, it’s recommended that they contact a respected Federal Way DUI attorney to defend their rights.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Skilled Criminal Lawyer in Tacoma Can Help you Deal with DUI Charges

The above will certainly concern motorists right in Washington State. The state already allows the sale of the plant for recreational use, but still rules it illegal to drive under the influence of the drug. Considering that the state legislature recently passed tougher DUI laws and state police report an average of 40,000 arrests every year, the danger of being falsely accused of such charges is still high, warranting the services of a criminal lawyer from Tacoma like Ms. Kim. E. Hunter, attorney-at-law. The NHTSA report acknowledged that all states imposed a blood alcohol count level of 0.08 grams per deciliter but saw vagueness in the imposition of thresholds for other drugs. Things get complicated when you consider the passage of a Washington statute in 2013 that considers it unlawful to drive when a blood draw/analysis reveals at least five parts per billion of tetrohydrocannabinol (THC).

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Trusted Kent DUI Attorney Can Challenge a Faulty Breathalyzers

In another instance in 2012 in San Francisco, numerous drunk driving cases had to be reviewed and amended after discovering that the police had not tested their breathalyzers. Other courts in states, such as Ohio discredited the use of breathalyzers, saying that these machines have been scientifically unreliable, due to the fact that its results can be easily altered by heat and humidity. Even the National Motorists Association has discredited breathalyzers, saying that the instrument’s results do not actually represent the blood alcohol content and has a 50% margin of error. What happened in Jefferson County, however, was an example of how even breathalyzer operators can tamper with the results for the sake of continuing the case, even when the accused is likely to be innocent.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Respected Tacoma DUI Attorney Helps You Assert Your Rights in A DUI

DUI or sobriety checkpoints have been the subject of scrutiny among dissenters in many states, as they feel that they are too intrusive, even suggesting that it violates the people’s basic constitutional rights, particularly the Fourth Amendment. This amendment states that it is one of the people’s rights to secure their properties and personal belongings, including their cars, against unreasonable searches and seizures. Keep in mind, however, that police will only search your vehicle if they can provide probable cause in doing so, or you can make things easier by complying with them. Should you refuse the breathalyzer or field sobriety exercises, the officer will either let you go or arrest you, especially if they have a probable cause. Charging you with DUI, however, would be difficult because they don’t have the substantial evidence, such as the results of the breathalyzer, to convict you.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Things to Remember: What Your Federal Way DUI Attorney Needs to Know

When you see the flashing lights of the police car behind you and you think you have a good chance of being charged for DUI in Washington State, there’s no need to panic. If you keep your wits, the odds are good you can fight your case with the help of a skilled DUI attorney for Federal Way residents. You may be able to reduce the charges or even have it completely dropped. Take note that a technicality in your arrest may result in your charges being dropped. A police officer would need to have probable cause for stopping you. This can mean erratic behavior on the road or speeding. If an officer stops you because of a hunch, then any evidence he might gather on the arrest could be inadmissible. You will be read your Miranda rights to ensure that you know them. If he missed on that basic rule, then a knowledgeable Federal Way DUI lawyer, such as from the Law Offices of Kim E Hunter, PLLC, can exclude the evidence the officer will present for the trial.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Get a Tacoma Criminal Lawyer to Help You Sift through your Bad Choices

What someone needs, such as a resident who lives around the major cities of Tacoma and Des Moines and who may have suffered a similar case as Mr. Goodman, is a skilled Tacoma criminal attorney, such as from the Law Offices of Kim E Hunter, PLLC. It’s important that people charged with a criminal offense be represented by an attorney who understands the legal process of their case. Without proper representation, some technicalities that might occur may contribute to a negative turn during the procedure. Having a lawyer ensures that your rights are protected from the start. Everyone is entitled to his or her constitutional rights—from the right to remain silent to the right to post bail. With an attorney, one can at least feel assured that he or she is free to put forth the best possible defense that could be prepared.