Thursday, March 27, 2014

Prevent Stiff Penalties in a DUI Case with Help from a Kent DUI Attorney

Washington laws, however, don’t mandate that drivers submit to a breath test to determine BAC level, so drivers can refuse to take the test if they feel it will not serve their case well. However, those who do refuse to take the breath test can face an automatic license suspension for one year, and may have to pay a hefty fine. Individuals arrested for DUI should therefore consider turning to a skilled DUI defense lawyer in Kent to formulate a well thought out defense strategy that can help reduce or avoid strict penalties.

Reliable DUI lawyers, like Attorney Kim E. Hunter, will look into the circumstances of a case, and study the defense strategies that they can use to protect their clients. For instance, if a police officer failed to follow all legal procedures in making the arrest, the DUI case can be dismissed. Any test results or evidence arising from an unlawful or faulty arrest may also be deemed inadmissible in court.


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