Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Defending Against Violence Charges with a Criminal Lawyer in Tacoma

"Wrong suspect. It is possible that as soon as the authorities nab a suspect, there can be a case of mistaken identity. Reasons may include identical names, misinterpreted physical attributes, or wrong specific details in the police report. To establish an accused individual’s innocence, a skilled Tacoma criminal attorney can point out irregularities in the records and present relevant evidence to the contrary. Deliberately false allegations. Domestic violence cases often involve emotionally charged people. The overflowing feelings can have a significant effect on their decisions– at times even accusing merely out of spite. In order to support their lies, they may also lie, create false evidence, and even inflict injuries upon themselves. Known to happen in child custody and divorce cases, deliberately false allegations can be debunked by a skilled defense lawyer by searching for inconsistencies in the accuser’s story, then comparing it to police records and eyewitness accounts."

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hiring a Competent Kent DUI Attorney Helps You Fight a DUI Conviction

"A knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer in Kent like Kim E. Hunter would focus on either proving one of these two main things is wrong or trying to stop any evidence being presented that would support these claims. There are several tactics that an attorney can resort to so that these results can be achieved. First is to challenge the arrest; police officers need a good reason to stop you for drunk driving. This can range from driving erratically or crossing a red light. Without a good reason for stopping you, any evidence obtained during the arrest cannot be used to convict you. Second, an attorney can present a witness or an explanation for your careless driving. This can be a lack of sleep or a cell phone conversation."

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Skilled Tacoma DUI Attorney Can Make DUI Cases Painless for You

"The high blood alcohol content can often lead to a mistaken arrest for DUI. A medical test for GERD is one of the possible steps that an experienced Tacoma DUI lawyer like Kim E. Hunter would take to ensure that their client is not suffering from this condition. An endoscopy would be required to confirm it, but the minor discomfort is worth it to be cleared of DUI charges. Another tactic to cast doubt on the high BAC rating is to claim that the Breathalyzer is only analyzing the alcohol in the mouth from a recent drink. Two other strategies that can be used to fight a DUI arrest are to give another reason for your erratic driving and to contest the results of the field sobriety tests administered to you. For the former, a driver can display the same symptoms of driving drunk because of lack of sleep or mechanical problems with the car. As for the latter, failing the sobriety tests is not proof enough that you are dangerously intoxicated; a person may not pass these tests for other

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Defend against Toughened DUI Laws with a DUI lawyer in Federal Way

"Washington State’s DUI laws are considered the “toughest in the nation” for good reason. If you get caught, you’ll have to serve a minimum of day-long to a maximum of year-long jail sentence, and pay corresponding fines with a minimum of $865.50 and a maximum of $5,000. Driver’s license will be suspended for a minimum of 90 days to a maximum of 4 years. Minimum jail time increases if there are prior offenses, if the BAC (blood alcohol content) is .15 or higher, or if the sobriety test was refused. You’ll also have to suffer the humiliation of having an ignition interlock device installed on any vehicle you drive for one year. In the event that you get caught, you still have alternative options to lower your DUI charges. People charged with DUI opt to enter a deferred prosecution program, which can be handled with assistance from an experienced Federal Way DUI lawyer like Kim E. Hunter. To qualify, the defendant must be officially diagnosed as either alcohol or drug-dependent, or in