Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tacoma DUI Attorney Kim E. Hunter Chimes In on New Draeger Breath Test

"To understand how the adoption of the Draeger will affect the DUI dynamic, it is the responsibility of every DUI attorney in Tacoma and across the state to understand the specifics of the new machine. Here at the Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter, we got in touch with Jon Fox, an attorney-at-law with a wealth of experience on the Draeger, to familiarize us with the new device. Like the DataMaster, the Draeger 9510 will use infrared spectrometry to measure the amount of alcohol in a person’s breath by detecting light at the frequency associated with the carbon-hydrogen bond of the ethyl alcohol molecule. However, the new device will go one step further by testing for alcohol against an electrochemical process as well. These two tests will be performed on two breath samples, yielding four results to help rule out errors. In addition, the Draeger also provides testers with more information, including the length of the blow, uncertainty calculations of the data, and other profile graphs."

Need for a Kent DUI Lawyer Imminent as State Looks out for Offenders

Gov. Inslee’s signing of the new law lies in the wake of several recent fatal accidents involving drunk drivers in the state. One notable instance was of Seattle native Dan Schulte’s family. Schulte’s elderly parents were killed, and his wife and infant son were seriously injured after an allegedly intoxicated man ran over the victims as they crossed the street. However, while Schulte noted that the legislative body’s efforts are commendable, more legal measures still need to be put in place to deter drunk drivers from getting on the road and causing accidents. With the reworked law now in effect throughout the State (and the nation’s toughest, at that), anyone who gets busted after having had more than a few drinks would need a strong advocate in the person of an experienced Kent DUI lawyer from firms such as the Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter, PLLC. Having a skilled DUI defense ally by your side gives you a better than average fighting chance of getting off the legal rut.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Federal Way DUI Attorney Kim Hunter Excited about Year’s CJI Program

"This year, Ms. Hunter aims to mirror the success of past CJIs with a set of topics for the upcoming CLE that all involved in the practice of criminal law will find enlightening. Topics such as search and rescue, the introduction of the new Draeger breath testing machine, and animal law and how it relates to criminal law will be discussed. Additionally, renowned crime thriller author Robert Dugoni will be on hand to speak about the ins and outs of investigating for a crime novel. All in all, the upcoming CJI promises to be a success and Ms. Hunter is excited to invite her peers in the criminal justice field to participate. Additionally, we look forward to the benefits that Ms. Hunter’s association with the event may also provide, particularly in terms of the new knowledge we will gain from the lectures delivered by the highly skilled presenters. Her direct involvement with the CJI promises to strengthen her abilities as a DUI defense lawyer in Federal Way and improve the services we

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tacoma Criminal Lawyer’s Domestic Violence Defense Case Gets Dismissed

"The plaintiff argued about the validity of the doctrine of forfeiture by wrongdoing, where the accused automatically forfeits the right to the Confrontation Clause. Moreover, the plaintiff also claimed that Mr. X’s alleged action instigated witness Y’s refusal to involve herself in the case. However, Atty. Hunter challenged that it is not appropriate to apply the doctrine when the defendant does not prevent testimony from being given, and when it revokes an essential constitutional right. The circumstances also seem to show that the absence of the witness is likely motivated by her own feelings about the defendant, especially because she is carrying his child. Ultimately, the Court ruled that it is improper to consent to the introduction of testimonial evidence when there is proof that the constitutional right of the defendant was violated. The prosecution permitted the submission of the witness’ testimonial statement despite the fact that defense had no opportunity to cross-examin