Saturday, May 7, 2016

Asking For Your DUI Lawyer After You Get Pulled Over by the Police

You were driving and all of a sudden you see the flashing colors of blue and red on your rearview mirror. You have been asked by a police officer to pull over and you do just that. You hear the approaching footsteps of this man of the law. What should you do? There are numerous probable causes for anyone to be pulled over by a police officer and the most common of them all is driving under influence, also called DUI. In a situation like this, it is important that you remain calm and follow the officer’s lead. The Basics of DUI: Probable Causes It is also important that you realize an officer needs probable cause to pull you over. These ‘causes’ are observations by the police officer such as you swerving across the road or driving unsteadily, accidents or injuries and the like.

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Case of Defending Yourself: Dealing with A Domestic Violence Charge

If you find yourself wrongfully accused of domestic violence, the first thing that your Auburn defense attorney would tell you to do would be to preserve any evidence that you might have. Keep in mind that your focus should not be on proving your innocence but in proving that it is the other party who is at fault. If your partner happens to be drunk, you can use any receipt to show that you two have been drinking prior to fighting. There are a lot of cases that can be solved by communication and a healthy talk, coupled with therapy and counseling. Going with a domestic violence charge should still be kept in mind to ensure the safety and protection of all parties. Always keep in mind that a healthy resolution is always the best option.

Beating the Charge: How Your DUI Defense Attorney Can Save Your Life

Regardless of the kind of case that you have before you, you generally have two ways of dealing with it – work on lessening the degree or severity of your infraction, or stand your ground and present evidence to prove that you are not guilty. No matter which of this angle you decide to go with for your case, you would definitely need the services of a DUI attorney. In most cases, your DUI defense lawyer would walk you through different ways on how to deal with your DUI charge. Challenging the Field Sobriety Test Most states make use of the Field Sobriety Test in order to determine whether you are drunk. Depending on the state you are in, you might be required to do a walk and turn, as well as stand on one leg.

Driving in Washington: What DUI Lawyers Would Want You to Keep in Mind

Washington maybe your home, but if you are not familiar with the various DUI laws in this state, you have to be ready to face stiff penalties. Of course, knowing what you might be up against can help you make the right decisions. Driving Under the Influence in Washington In Washington, regardless whether you are from Kent or Aberdeen, your DUI attorney would have to deal with a DUI charge regardless of whether you are under the influence of an alcohol or drugs. When convicted, you would have to face both criminal and administrative penalties from the court as well as the Washington Department of License, respectively. That being the case, this would mean that you can face separate penalties stemming from one infraction.