Thursday, July 24, 2014

Need for a Kent DUI Lawyer Imminent as State Looks out for Offenders

Gov. Inslee’s signing of the new law lies in the wake of several recent fatal accidents involving drunk drivers in the state. One notable instance was of Seattle native Dan Schulte’s family. Schulte’s elderly parents were killed, and his wife and infant son were seriously injured after an allegedly intoxicated man ran over the victims as they crossed the street. However, while Schulte noted that the legislative body’s efforts are commendable, more legal measures still need to be put in place to deter drunk drivers from getting on the road and causing accidents. With the reworked law now in effect throughout the State (and the nation’s toughest, at that), anyone who gets busted after having had more than a few drinks would need a strong advocate in the person of an experienced Kent DUI lawyer from firms such as the Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter, PLLC. Having a skilled DUI defense ally by your side gives you a better than average fighting chance of getting off the legal rut.

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