Thursday, November 13, 2014

DUI Attorney in Federal Way Helps Resolve Marijuana-Related DUI Cases

When it comes to marijuana use, the state police have long been preparing for this increase in DUI cases. In fact, in the first eight months alone of the legalization, authorities have already seen 37 DUI marijuana-related DUI arrests. The problem, so it appears, is that people wrongly assume that just because using marijuana is now legal, they can do that and drive at the same time. This isn’t the case, though, as also clearly exemplified by the relationship of alcohol with driving: you can drink, but you can’t drive when you do. Depending on the circumstances, officers can ask a suspected DUI offender to perform a field sobriety test to determine if there is any kind of impairment present. A blood test or urine test may also be requested, but as any DUI defense lawyer in Federal Way, or in surrounding areas—such as from the Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter—would advise, a judge must first sign a search before such tests can be granted.

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