Saturday, September 19, 2015

A DUI Attorney Dispels These Common and Persistent Myths About DUI

Getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol means facing license suspension, fines, and possibly even jail time. Many people, however, make matters worse for themselves by believing in common and persistent DUI myths. With most of the American public confused on the subject of drinking and driving, it would help to inform yourself about the truth behind some of these most common myths. Driving Carefully Won’t Get You Caught Some people say that as long as you drive carefully even when drunk, you can avoid DUI charges. Others, meanwhile, believe that they can only be charged with DUI if they were actually caught behind the wheel. Both of these won’t help you elude a DUI charge. First, you could run across sobriety checkpoints that have been put up everywhere, even if you drive carefully. Also, cops can arrest you if they suspect you’re drunk and know you have recently been driving.

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