Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Defense Attorney Kim Hunter Co-Chairs CJI Seminar for the Fifth Year

Kim E. Hunter, well-known criminal defense attorney in Auburn and other areas in the Washington State co-chairs the 22nd Annual Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) for the fifth year. The CJI is a two-day seminar presented in partnership with the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) for prosecutors, judges, defense counsel and other law enforcement professionals. The WSBA is a regulatory agency authorized by the Washington State Supreme Court to license the state’s 35,000 lawyers. The event covers a wide variety of subjects including recent case updates, law enforcement procedures and even drug and rescue dog presentations. It even featured an ethics session with Hugh Birgenheier and Professor John Strait as well as a discussion on diversity and the law with Hon. Veronica Alicea-Galvan. Judge Jack F. Nevin also led a session that explores issues and updates in evidence. A presentation on how the Magna Carta has affected the law for the past 800 years concluded the event.

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