Friday, June 24, 2016

Three Ways Your DUI Lawyer May Choose to Contest Your DUI Charges

Being arrested for a DUI is a harrowing experience with dire consequences. Aside from hefty fines, your driver’s license will likely be revoked and you will officially have a criminal record. This is why it is important that you fight any charged of driving under the influence in Kent.

As soon as you reach the police station, immediately request to speak to a DUI attorney. Inform the police officers that you will only consent to any tests after you’ve spoken to your attorney. This is well within your constitutional rights and this request should be granted.

The reason why you should speak ton attorney as soon as possible is because you want to have your memory of the entire incident fresh. Even the tiniest details can help an experienced DUI lawyer, such as Atty. Kim E. Hunter, find holes you can use to contest DUI charges.

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